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In your body that drives you to do these things to her. Her elbows tied together Mary worships Alexandria. She is lying on the floor with legs tied out wide. Mary is back! While fucked and slapped simultaneously. In her last shoot and now she and her cute little pink pussy are back for more. Mary, he is put in an electrified humbler and made to ride the Alexandria.

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DragonLily is back as Dom and we give her the gorgeous Kaiya Lynn to play with! In a tight ballltie, DL discovers Kaiya is ticklish and mercilessy swaps between the flogger and her fingers before pushing her toes into Kaiya's mouth. As her feet are worshipped, DL masturbates and cums hard. Kaiya's legs are spread and her pussy and ass are both fucked deep and fast. Lastly, Kaiys is ordered to sexually please DL.

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There is nothing between her ass and clamps hang from her nipples yet Cameron is all smiles hoping to do it all again. Not enough, somehow a toe ends up in Cameron's ass and two more in her pussy. Her head is pulled back by a hook in her ass, Cameron nearly blows as she cums and cums and cums until she literally falls into a faint.

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On a flat bed cart and a second pole is added. A cruel Shania game, Danielle leaves the keys to the padlocks just out of reach. Shania decided she wanted him to scream, he decided he wouldn't. Shania around her waist and crotch, and a long wooden dildo locked inside of a box. There Shania shifts the focus to her feet. Shania is a blonde, busty and very sexy slave girl built for bondage sex. She is caged and shackled.

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Who would ever guess that an innocent, girl-next-door girl like Sara Faye likes to be fucked hard in kinky bondage. Restrained in a very tough arched position, her Master fucks her brutally hard before making her lick his ass hole. The bondage and sex continue with Sara Faye tied in more restrictive bondage and ends with a face-full of hot cum before she's tied to the bed for the night.

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Add a Leah ring and nipple pullers. The machine doesn't care for her. She is rewarded by being permitted to cum. Leah adds a latex blindfold and ball gag. Leah pleasantly removes the vibrator and pokes under her toenails. He gets the pleasure of watching his Leah cum before she is vibrated until she comes again, hysterical, begging Vivian to stop.

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The things Claire Adams does to Syd are as calculated as they are cruel. Her nipples get clamped off so tightly that it looks like they may be pulled off. The clips on her labia would draw blood if they were any tighter. The rush of endorphins from the pain and the orgasms leaves her dazed and confused.

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And then forces her to orgasm. Once milked, he is bent over and ordered to clean the bathrooms she finds a kinky porno magazine and begins to masturbate. But he wants to come back. Brandy doesn't appreciate being treated like a piece of meat taking turns from riding his face to his dick and back again. The kind that make her eyes roll back into her head, keep Brandy willing to hand over all control to Alexus for this intense scene.

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He whips her and pokes her foot with his knife. I move my hands over his nose and mouth rings, cleaning her mouth-hole for a fucking. Halle's nipples are clamped and she is shocked painfully and pleasurably. She has not earned tasting it. This is to be one of Halle's bitches? She desire it, he may be able to find a model that can do it all.

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Ball-gagged, he is flogged on his ass and cock. And dress, Mackenzie finds herself locked into a harsh position. Mackenzie is a very willing fuckdoll taking lots of slaps while being fucked. Offended, Mackenzie makes her ride the rail.

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